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The format is based on Keep a Changelog



  • Reshuffle the process lock code and properly document it.
  • Revamp the docs and switch from sphinx to mkdocs
  • Remove difficult to use tread lock features from docs
  • Bring back support for eventlet spawn_n
  • Remove support for python3.6. It should still work, but is no longer tested.


  • Allow writer to become a reader in thread ReaderWriter lock


  • Remove unnecessary setuptools pin


  • Switch to the modern python package build infrastructure


  • Remove support for python 3.5 and earlier, including 2.7
  • Add support for python 3.9 and 3.10
  • Fix a conflict with django lock
  • Add __version__ and __all__ attributes
  • Fix a failure to parse README as utf-8
  • Move from nosetest to pytest and cleanup testing infrastructure


  • Fix a failure to parse README as utf-8 on python2


  • Fix a failure to parse README as utf-8

[0.16.1]: [YANKED]


  • Move from travis and appveyor to github actions
  • Add interprocess reader writer lock
  • Improve README
  • remove unused eventlet import
  • use stdlib monotonic instead of external for python >= 3.4


  • Add testing for additional python versions
  • Remove python 2.6 support
  • Remove eventlet dependency and use threading.current_thread instead


  • Allow providing a custom exception logger to 'locked' decorator
  • Allow providing a custom logger to process lock class
  • Fix issue #12


  • Fix 'ensure_tree' check on freebsd


  • Use a tiny retry util helper class for performing process locking retries.


  • Directly use monotonic.monotonic.
  • Use BLATHER level for previously INFO/DEBUG statements.


  • Add LICENSE in generated source tarballs
  • Add a file that can be used to extract the current version.


  • Allow providing a non-standard (eventlet or other condition class) to the r/w lock for cases where it is useful to do so.
  • Instead of having the r/w lock take a find eventlet keyword argument, allow for it to be provided a function that will be later called to get the current thread. This allows for the current hack to be easily removed by users (if they so desire).


  • Add fastener logo (from openclipart).
  • Ensure r/w writer -> reader -> writer lock acquisition.
  • Attempt to use the monotonic pypi module if its installed for monotonically increasing time on python versions where this is not built-in.


  • Add helpful locked decorator that can lock a method using a found attribute (a lock object or list of lock objects) in the instance the method is attached to.
  • Expose top level try_lock function.


  • Allow the sleep function to be provided (so that various alternatives other than time.sleep can be used), ie eventlet.sleep (or other).
  • Remove dependency on oslo.utils (replace with small utility code that achieves the same effect).


  • Make it possible to provide an acquisition timeout to the interprocess lock (which when acquisition can not complete in the desired time will return false).


  • Have the interprocess lock acquire take a blocking keyword argument (defaulting to true) that can avoid blocking trying to acquire the lock


  • Renamed from 'shared_lock' to 'fasteners'


  • Fix delay not working as expected


  • Add a interprocess lock


  • Add travis yaml file
  • Initial commit/import